Day 547…Farewell Friend

It had been a memorable time in Newcastle for the Kiwi duo. They had walked kilometres, experienced History and immersed themselves into the Newcastle culture.

As it was the last day, it was appropriate to have breakfast out and about. The Kiwi’s BFF found a cafe called Olive and Bean. The array of slices reassured them, the food that would delight the bellies.

The bellies bursted with joy when they departed. As there were a number of hours before the Virgin and LNER trains collected them. The Kiwis strolled in sunshine around the Sunday Market and Greys Monument. The Monument was erected in 1838 to honor the 2nd Earl Grey. He was the British Prime Minister in 1830’s and Earl Grey Tea originated from his name.

After the one history lesson, it was onto the next. The Kiwis wandered to Newcastle Castle. The Norman fortress was a rugged reminder of northern England’s turbulent history … criminals were imprisoned and executed. The rain returned, it was a sign to collect bags, source WIFI and power.

The Kiwi’s BFF Train was on time while the Kiwi’s was delayed by 45 mins. Unfortunately, she would miss her connection in Edinburgh.

There were hugs and farewells before the BFF boarded her train back to London Town. The Kiwi returned to the board to be notified her train was delayed further. She decided to ask the staff if she could board an early train. Thankfully, they could squeeze the Kiwi on, backward facing and no travel buddy beside her.

It was a smooth transition in Edinburgh for the second train before a 5min wait for the Number 21 bus. The Kiwi was back to annoy the Scots for the evening.

Walked: 7.3 km

Quote: We are not makers of history. We are made by history. Martin Luther King Jr

Acknowledgement to the Author…The Kiwi


Day 546…Rugby Fever

Without long term planning, it was the first Bledisloe Cup for the season (All Blacks against Wallabies). The Kiwi and her BFF were excited to be able to watch it together.

The location for the big match was Aspers Casino, the Kiwis were first and the only ones in the door. It was a tense first half before the All Blacks found their form 38 – 13.

After a successful win, the Kiwis wandered to charity shops and snacks before a rest at HQ.

Well rested, they strolled along quayside. Newcastle was the place to be. A positive vibe, happy people and amazing buildings. Well worth a visit.

Walked: 10.8 km

Quote: Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.

George Gordon Byron

Acknowledgement to the Author…The Kiwi

Day 545…Forever Friends

There was the sudden noise of an alarm, the Scot leaped from the bed to discover it was not his alarm but the bros. The bro was already up for work so seemed surprise to see the Scot searching for his phone.

It was the second to last weekend in Scotland. The Kiwi had planned to head to Newcastle to meet up with her Kiwi BFF while the Scot played Football Golf with his bro in Scotland.

The Scot escorted the Kiwi to Glasgow Shitty, it wept with showers. A meal deal was purchased for the Kiwi’s train journey. As there was 40 mins to spare, a sneak visit at The Counting House for a cider and WIFI.

A smooth transition for the Kiwi to farewell the Scot before she boarded her first train to Edinburgh then onto Newcastle.

From Scotrail that was quiet, the Cross Country train was excited with people who had headed off for the weekend. The Kiwi had a window seat, the added excitement of travelling backwards and the bonus of power.

Newcastle welcomed the Kiwi with impressive buildings and the joy of her bff arrival.

It was a night to gossip, eat Chinese and enjoy company. The Scot was safely back in Scotland chilling with his family.

Walked: 9.5 km

Quote: A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. Tom Cahill

Acknowledgement to the Author…The Kiwi

Day 544…Carrs in a Car

It was an early rise for the Scot at 7.30am while the Kiwi got a wee lie in. The usual morning cuppa was followed by the Kiwi’s favourites for breakfast, haggis and tatie scones.

Well fed and ready to face the day, the duo decided to borrow the Scot’s Bro’s car again as the rain was crashing down outside. A quick stop off for groceries, then it was off to visit the Scot’s parents again. Twice in two days, the parents might be getting sick of the sight of them.

After a catch up and a cuppa the duo headed back to their crash pad for a night of TV with the Scot making burgers for dinner.

Walked:1.7 km

Quote: “There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.” Leo Christopher

Acknowledgement to the Author…The Scot and Edited by The Kiwi

Day 543…The Scot’s Folks

The weather could not make up it’s mind to either rain or remain overcast. The Scot decided the safest bet was to borrow the Bro’s car to achieve some Life Admin.

The local library had successfully upgraded their IT system however the Librarian informed the Kiwi she could not print documents from her email. Before the Kiwi reacted with disappointment, the Librarian said she could email the documents to the Library’s email. The Kiwi was relieved. More documents were printed and photocopied… in preparation for Life Admin back in Oz.

The duo happily returned the Bro’s car before they wandered to catch Number 21 bus to the Scot’s Folks. While on the bus, some kind person decided to put cones on the Public Art statues at The Centre. SunSmart or Rainsmart

Another entertaining afternoon was spent with the nieces and folks. The Scot and Kiwi cooked up a delicious meal of salmon and baked potatoes for the folks and themselves before football and more UK TV… the Kiwi’s favourite Life Below Zero.

Walked: 2 km

Quote: A niece grows more precious as time goes by.     


Acknowledgement to the Author…The Kiwi and Edited by The Scot

Day 542…Let it Rain.

Rain on the window woke the Scot and Kiwi. It was a day to pack up the treasures and relocate back to the Scot’s Bro.

The number 21 was delayed due to road works. This caused the duo to huddle under a small shelter from the rain.

Once back, the back pack was dropped off and it was a soggy walk to the Supermarche. Groceries collected, the Kiwi had reading club while the Scot sorted the camp gear. Time was flying by.

The evening started with a scrumptious pies, beans and Chups meals before the Scot’s football team produced another disappointing result.

Walked: 5 km

Quote: Champions keep playing until they get it right. Billy Jean King

Acknowledgement to the Author…The Kiwi and Edited by The Scot

Day 541…That’s a Wrap

The European Champion in Glasgow had come to an end. The stalls and stages were packed away, ready for the next event.

The Scot and Kiwi still had another sleepover in the shitty. They decided to stroll around to fill in the day.

A stop was made at Aulds Bakery for Lentil Soup and a buttered Well Fired Roll. It was a perfect way to warm the bellies on an overcast day. There were visits to charity shops and departmental stores without any purchases.

While the Scot and Kiwi strolled, there were the sound of bagpipes. The Pipe Band march was to raise the awareness of Mental Health.

The duo found a location to people watch before they headed back to their home. Another evening of UK TV, topped off with a Fush supper and mushy peas.

Walked: 8.5 km

Quote: Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is” Mandy Hale

Acknowledgement to the Author…The Kiwi and Edited by The Scot